Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pelizzoli Leggenda For3

Probably the only one in the Philippines.

Just Wow.

Marvin Tongol // Owner // Weekly Forty

From Marvin:
PELIZZOLI: LEGGENDA FOR3 MODERN-CLASSIC // ITALIAN // LIGHTWEIGHT // CUSTOM GEOMETRY // CUSTOM PAINT A made to measure to your own body proportion by a master builder known as “ciocc” Giovanni Pelizzoli. My former officemates Jules Lacsamana, Maple & Lawrence Reyes( MFG members) used to convince me every day to try riding a fixed gear bike. And my usual reply to them was “there’s no way I would ride a bike without brakes!”. Well, I’m sure that’s pretty normal to all who never had an experience or heard about fixed gear before. So Jules lend me one of his bikes just to try, and that moment I first rode it I just said to myself “wow! This is a scary-amazing!” and so I got hooked and started researching about Fixedgear. I went to Maple & Lawrence house to check their bikes and got surprised (damn… a museum like room full of track bikes! Mostly njs). And Lawrence(panks) told me “when building a bike, you should build it at its purest form: if it is njs, it has to be all njs/ if Italian, has to be all Italian/ American/ modern/ classic/ and also if you can find components of the same year generation etc). " I was thinking, do I really need to follow this strictly?”. 
I liked classic trackbikes from cannondale, kalavinka, and others are mostly Italians: colnago, de rosa, alan, f.moser, ciocc. But the one that really caught my attention was the cinelli laser… for me it looks like a bike from the future, very timeless in design. I found out that it is so expensive that there is no way I can have this kind of bike so I have to find something similar or second to it. Then i saw Father Tu’s Leggenda for3. and I knew that this is the bike I like to have.
PELIZZOLIWORLD EXPERIENCE So I looked for their website and contacted them, gave them my Body measurements and told them my requirements how I want it to look like. And they advised the right size for me. 

Here is a construction photo of my frame not fully welded just incase there would be necessary adjustments.

I told them that I wanted the front tire to be as close as possible to the downtube and rear tire to the seat tube. They advised that there is a minimum distance between the BB and front wheel spindle to maintain an acceptable toe overlap.

My first color scheme was the weib grun from their color palette.. it is really an attractive color and many of their clients chose it. but if i choose that same color way it will look the same with other bikes they have made before so why not enjoy the service of full customization. Here are some photos of their second update: painting progress with my correction marks COLOR SCHEME

Got their third update with the corrected paint details. and after my approval it's ready for its final coating.

AND IT’S ALL OVER!! My frame is ready for delivery to Singapore then to Manila (my way of evading custom tax). Before they deliver It I requested a picture of my frame with Giovanni. “man… what an honor to work with his group and with Ciclicorsa(supplier of italian components). Wish I could pay them a visit.


More pics from last Weekly Forty Ride

Frame: Pelizzoli Leggenda for3 Fork/Headset: Pelizzoli / campagnolo record Crankset/Bottom Bracket: campagnolo record pista Pedals: crank brothers candy 3 Drivetrain/Cog/Chainring/Chain: miche 16t-17t / record pista 50t / daido njs Handlebars/Stem: deda velocita / deda murex Saddle/Seatpost: san marco zoncolan carbon fx / campagnolo aero Front Wheel/Hub/Tire: campagnolo pista wheelset / challenge criterium Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire: campagnolo pista wheelset / challenge criterium

Ride Yer Bike!

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